21 6 / 2014

I’m at a restaurant with low lighting. There is a family/friends reunion going on and I was invited.

The people sitting with me surprisingly aren’t my family or friends. They are just random Filipinos I don’t know! 😨 So I guess this isn’t a family/friends reunion, more like random people just sitting together in a restaurant and they just so happen to be all Filipinos.

I’m sitting at my place on the long and U-shaped table that accommodates the people. Some dude comes up and starts cracking jokes, making everyone laugh.

Then my crush stands up, goes to the where the dude was, and starts cracking jokes too. Then he looks at me and says something that was supposed to be a tease but instead to me it felt like an insult.

After his tease, I am hurt. I ask him “Why did you say that?” He stands there, his exuberant expression slowly dropping to neutral. He then says “Oh look, I have to go to the bathroom.” Then he goes without looking back.

The dream flashes black then to another random scene.

I am somewhere that I can’t recall. I think I am in a random white room that looks like a bedroom that you see in furniture or home commercials where they show white bedrooms and people in them.

I have my phone in my right hand as I am sitting on something that I can’t recall (it’s probably a couch). I see that my crush has messaged me on Facebook (which never happens in reality, just sayin’. Don’t get any strange thoughts!). His message reads something like: “What’s wrong with you? OMG Cloudy you’re such an *ssh*le *insert emojis with tongues sticking out and angry eyes and laughing*”

I am shocked so I try to get him to understand what I asked in him at the restaurant. He does send consoling messages but the messages are more like saying “Don’t you GET my joke?” He also says something like “It was just a joke” or something of those words.

Then the bullying starts. He starts being mean to me, sending me messages like “Stop liking me!” “I don’t see you that way, fool!” “I never liked you!” “Go away, you creep!”, messages that aren’t exactly in those words but sentences that sound similar (since I can’t EFFING RECALL the actual words he said in the dream!).

Later on, he starts teasing me (in a really mean and insulting way) by forwarding messages to me that he sent to his friends. Messages like “Jon is who I love” (that’s not supposed to be homo, like I said, he was trying to insult me). I don’t know who Jon is, nor can I EFFING RECALL the name of the guy in the message in my dream! *angry face*

The bullying continues on throughout the dream. And throughout his bullying, I begin thinking over my life and how the guy I like suddenly just doesn’t like me JUST BECAUSE I asked him in a concerning and hurt way “Why did you say that?”

I was really scared when I woke up but then when I realized I had woken up, was in bed, and it was just a dream, I breathed a sigh of relief. That dream really hurt me! I NEVER want that to happen EVER in my life!

20 6 / 2014

Remember that post some time ago where I was talking about how I never get to go on a road trip whenever I dream of going on a road trip? The one where my dream was about going to a fun place with friends/random people/Luke Hemmings?

Well, this morning (or afternoon, I should say 😡) I had a dream like that AGAIN! UGH…WHY?!

I’m in my house. It’s past sunset when outside starts to look blue/dark and the streetlights are starting to turn on.

The door in my kitchen is open. A white limo is parked outside my house, in front of my kitchen. Inside the limo are the people I work with on the newspaper for my school. They’re chatting it up in that limo. They’re also picking me up from my house to go to the school and host a meeting there.

I’m about to go when I realize that I’m not dressed to go out, I’m still in my house clothes. So I dash upstairs and go to my closet.

I get my phone and attempt to send a text to Becca but for some reason my hands or my phone can’t seem to type the proper words I want to say.

I try to type “Becca, can you tell the others to wait for me?” but the phone’s not forming those words for some reason. Also my hands are acting twitchy. 😲 Instead, it looks something like “CCN yu wt fr mr?” YEAH. 😠

I never got to know what happened because I woke up during my horrible texting.

BTW, today I really had to go to my college for a meeting with the newspaper. In case you’re wondering, I did make it to the meeting on time. But they never picked me up nor did they rent a limo and travel together.

BUT C’MON, MAN. Why can’t I go on road trips in my dreams?! WHY NOT?! If dreams are supposed to make us do things we can’t do in real life, then why can’t I go on road trips in my dreams?! WHY EFFING NOT?!?!?!? 😠😠😠

12 6 / 2014

Two women dressed as the typical Muslim woman (white long flowing fabrics and white saris, I’m assuming) are on the top of a skyscraper. I’m following them as they walk over to the edge. They say something I can’t remember and one of them steps off the edge.

She tumbles through the air, spinning round and round. The dream shows flashes of her doing weird flying movements even though she’s falling down. When she hits the ground, her body stays together for a second, then it leans on the wall and the entire body sags into a heap with her clothes piled on top. No traces of the body are shown.

The sister remaining also says something like “I’m coming for you, sister.” or something. So she steps off the edge too just like her sister.

Again, she does the same movements but this time when she hits the ground, her body stays together for a few seconds while she says something that I can’t remember, something like “Goodbye world,” I guess. Then her body sags into a heap like her sister.


05 6 / 2014

Why is it that every time I dream that I’m going on a road trip/flight/adventure with family or friends, the very second that I get near the vehicle that will transport us to the destination, I suddenly remember that I haven’t packed for the trip/vacation/adventure/etc.?! So I run back into my house and suddenly pack VERY SLOWLY, thus wasting a LOT of time that we could have used to travel! And usually I don’t pack everything!

It happens EVERY TIME I dream of something like that! I just don’t understand! After noticing some nights that I dream about that stuff, I tried searching online, particularly Dream Dictionary, to find out the meaning behind such thing. I don’t quite remember what/if I found there that really helped me but seriously, I’m beginning to think about what this could mean for my waking life.

Here’s a dream that I just had this morning (which would be around 10-ish, I would say :P)

I like writing dreams in italics, by the way, it distinguishes them from my real-time thoughts:

I am informed that my friends, along with some random people I don’t personally know, are going to a fun place that I don’t know of. They’ve never told me the place, I just know that it’s gonna be fun. And they’ve invited me to go with them, which I happily said yes!

My friends that are going are friends I made during my second semester of college. There are six people, including me, all friends. Three of them are from my drawing class (Bryan, Alberto, and Elliott) (Bryan brought his girlfriend Cassandra, whom I’ve never met in real life before) and one of them is from the college newspaper that I work with in real life (Becca). All the names for my friends here are actually parody names to their real ones to help distinguish each friend but also at the same time to protect their identities.

Now you know when I said there were also random people joining us? Well…they really were random people!

The random people, besides Cassandra, indeed are random people that I’ve never EVER met in my life before, except one guy, whom I didn’t EXACTLY meet, but he is in a famous band and I got to see him live in real life! (It’s Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer!)

Besides Luke, I don’t know the other random people. I just see a black thug with thick muscles and gold chains hanging from his neck and some skinny white dudes that are kind of copying Luke, in fashion terms.

In short, there are about 10+ people going together to this fun place that I don’t know of! And I’m included in the 10+ people!

There are two cars that are gonna be used for traveling: a hot rod red convertible and a dark-blue-silver-ish convertible. My college friends, including Cassandra, are gonna be riding in the red convertible and the random people and Luke are gonna be riding in the blue convertible.

Here is the layout of the two cars and who will be sitting where:


(I can’t draw cars >///<)

Now the real story-ish!

As everyone settles into their comfortable places in the cars, prepping for the long journey to the fun destination, I walk with Becca to the red convertible. We approach the car, see Cassandra, and Becca laughily says “Why are you letting your girlfriend ride in the front with you?” Bryan tries to answer but Becca cuts him off by making a friendly laugh.

With everyone in the red convertible all comfortably snug in their seats, Becca plops in the back seat left side (refer to diagram) and I plop right in the back seat right side (refer to diagram)

Just as I plop into my seat, I feel my wrist-wrap bag hanging by my right wrist with my fingers and feel that the bag is thin, like there’s nothing inside. I yelp “Oh NO!!” and immediately jump out of the car. Becca jumps out too after seeing me distressed and I run towards my house with Becca trailing behind me.

The main door is open but the screen door is closed, with my mom behind it inside the house, looking at me with a smile.

My house doesn’t exactly look like my real house and the land it’s sitting on is a sandy hill, which isn’t what my real house sits on.

My phone is not with me, which is why I left the car and went back to the house.

I tell the travelers to wait for me while I find my phone so they’ve agreed to wait.

Here is where the cars are located while waiting (figures drawn from recollection):


Becca disappears all of a sudden when I step inside the house. My mom asks me “What are you doing?” but I ignore her and go around my house looking for my phone.

Suddenly, another thought comes to mind: I should bring large amounts of money with me so we could spend it gloriously at the fun destination. I go to the cabinet in my living room stashed with things I don’t even know and (for some f-king reason!) SLOWLY grab an envelope filled with paper money and SLOWLY fill my wrist-wrap bag with it.

Then another thought: I should pack. I go to my room and get out a traveling bag and SLOWLY fill it with untidy clothes; I’m just stuffing the bag slowly with clothes.

I also do various other things in the house that I supposedly am prepping for the road trip with friends/random people/Luke.

When I am in the kitchen doing my thing, I happen to glance out the kitchen door window (because the blinds have been rolled up for some reason) and see the thug sitting forward, looking really bored. Luke is sitting next to the thug (refer to convertible diagram) and is looking at me with a “you-are-taking-waaaaay-too-long-and-I-just-don’t-think-you-should-travel-with-us-to-the-fun-place” face. He sighs (as it appears) and sits back against his seat, looking to his left where a random skinny dude is sitting next to him.

Sometime once during my duties, the dream flashes back to the red convertible, where Bryan has his right arm (his) over his eyes and Alberto and Elliott are slumped in their seats scrolling through their phones.

When I complete my duties, it feels almost as if HOURS have passed by ever since I told my friends that I had to find my phone. But apparently, I’ve done MORE than find my phone. I actually don’t remember if I found my phone or not.

I walk back to the red convertible with my bag packed and money stuffed in my wrist-wrap. As I walk, I tell the group “Okay, I’m done, let’s go!” But Alberto (who’s now in the driver’s seat for some reason, Bryan disappeared) says tiredly “No, since you took such a long time, I don’t think we’ll be able to go today. I’ll just take everyone home now.” and starts the engine in the car while I sit where Elliott previously sat (he’s not sitting in his designated seat anymore).

Then blackness flashes and the scene flashes back with Alberto and me as the only people in the red convertible and he is driving along a long rural roadway during a summer-like lazy-looking sunset. I have no idea what happened to the blue convertible and the people in it. (NOOOOOO, where’s Luke?! 😨😢)

The dream occasionally flashes from blackness to random road trip scenery, back to blackness and then more random road trip scenery and the cycle continues at least two times.

The last road trip scenery is at a place that kind of looks an amusement park boardwalk by the shore, kind of like Atlantic City in New Jersey. Again, the only people in the car are Alberto and me.

Alberto then says something to me, which I can’t pick up because I’m now fluttering from dream/sleep to the verge of waking up.

And that’s when I wake up.

I just don’t understand! Why can’t I actually have a fun-filled vacation or road-trip in my dreams?! Like the way I’ve always wanted them to be?! I want to vacation at a beach and every time my dream tries to depict it, I never get to go!

I don’t know how this would relate to my real life: me not being able to go on vacation. I just looked through my dream dictionary and found a few things. For example, for “home” (my dream included my home, which didn’t look like my real home) the definition read that I long for security in one area of my life. Oh my…

Well, someone help me decipher this dream because it makes me kind of sad.

8-bit, out! *salutes*

TL;DR version: When I dream of going on a road trip or flight with family or friends, I never go because I always run back to my house and pack very slowly, thus wasting a lot of time that could have been used for traveling.

That’s the best TL;DR version I’ve got so far.

But it really helps if you really read the whole thing to help me. I’d love to know why this always happens in my dreams.

27 6 / 2012

I’m Princess Zelda, Wind Waker style.

I’m randomly stuck in the middle of (I would say) the Great Sea, struggling in the water. I have Link’s Wind Waker in hand so I play the Song of Soaring. But in reality, the Song of Soaring is NOT in The Wind Waker!

01 4 / 2012

I am using my laptop. All of a sudden, the screen starts flashing white and stuff. I freak out and call my dad for help.

21 3 / 2012

I am walking to my bus, ready to go home from school for the day. As I’m walking, I notice that every person I pass by, he/she is smoking. I look to my left and notice a girl about to board her bus. Just as she steps inside, she lights her cigarette and exhales (with her lips) a large thick gray cloud of cigarette smoke.

08 3 / 2012

I am in school, sitting in a desk (it’s one of those desks which the seat is attached to the tabletop). There are others around me.

I am wearing black boots, thick ones. For some reason, my feet start to sweat in them, up to the point when they sweat so much, they actually LEAK through my boots. The boots look soggy but I can’t take them off because I am at school.

06 3 / 2012


What the title says, and I’ll tell you alright! It might scare you guys, especially if you root for Mark Pontius.

Seriously, my dream scared the piss out of me. I almost cried!! I want to punch my subconscious brain for giving me a horrible dream on a sexy band!!

(Writing in present tense helps…

06 3 / 2012


My dad comes back from Wegman’s with lots of groceries. I help him carry some in the house. While walking, I take out one of the groceries he bought. It is a box of ice cream (the kind on Popsicle sticks). Strangely, the box said the flavor this ice cream was was “Fudge Tampons”.